Internship Journey

Intern1Induction Programme Spend two weeks understudying the different stakeholders of our company, be informed of your choices and understand the relationship between each stakeholder and yourself. Take on the Autocad challenge with our Design Engineer; Find out how money matters with our Quantity Surveyor; And if you have what it takes to become an effective planner, with our in-house Planning Engineer.







Understanding Site Operations Now that you have a brief understanding of how the brain of our company works, here is a chance to get involved and observe the clockworks of our company for yourself. Join the site team, shadow our Site Engineers and have a taste of what a day’s work entails. Ask our Project Engineers your burning questions and draw links to your knowledge from University. Keep an open mind, challenge the status quo and your opportunity to learn will be endless.  






Intern3Fabrication Plant We started out as a subcontractor and a specialist in fabrication of steel structures. Today, we are proud to say that we are a main contractor striving forward, yet maintaining our core strengths in construction and steel fabrication. We pride ourselves as one of the rare few Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that does both civil works and production of custom steel structures. As such, we are able to provide you with a wide spectrum of experiences that not many can offer.






Interaction with Site Team Meet the unsung heroes that build up our country and continue to do so today. They are the foundation of our operations and the vehicle that drives our company as we strive to become bigger and better. Have a chat with them, they might surprise you with their many talents and ability to speak in multiple languages and even dialects!








Opportunities to liaise with Authorities Our company’s unique clientele profile gives you an opportunity to meet up with professionals of the industry from organizations such as Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA). It is definitely an eye-opener and a great opportunity to interact with and understand the works of these individuals who continuously upgrade and uplift our country’s strong reputation in infrastructure building.





This article is written by: Nicole Ong (Engineering Intern, NTU CEE)